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Support Artsakh Refugees with All For Armenia

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WHAT: I will be selling digital prints to raise money for Artsakh refugees.

WHY: The war against Azerbaijan/Turkey/ISIS over the historial Armenian land of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) ended with a peace agreement which left over 100,000 locals of the territory as refugees.


FUNDS: 100% of the funds they receive go towards LOCALLY SOURCED food, supplies, clothing, etc. for the refugees.


All for Armenia was created during the war by a team of Armenian repatriates and diasporans, WHO I PERSONALLY KNOW.


I am choosing this organization because I fully trust them and the money they receive gets put to use QUICKLY & TRANSPARENTLY.

Ordering Information:

Step 1: Visit the "Photos" tab and select the photo(s) you wish to purchase.


Step 2: Go to the All For Armenia support page (embedded) or visit their website and donate any amount.

Step 3: Send me your receipt and photo choice and I will send you the photo.
(if you wish to purchase additional services like printing or framing please let me know)

Step 4: Invite your friends and family to this fundraiser!

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